I think they are made well, the blades hold a decent edge, and they can last for years (until your buddy drops it off the boat into the ocean...). 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,127. So instead of bothering forcing myself to carry it, I ordered a Skeletool CX to take the job of the Blast and main knife. The Mission Statement: http://www.reddit.com/r/BuyItForLife/comments/jtjuz/bi4l_mission_statement_rules_etc/, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. As a skateboarder, I get a lot of use out of my multitool. Usually for me its easier to grab my Buck when i just need a knife, as i carry it in my front pocket, and i use my Leatherman for just about everything else. With my Kersaw, I can deploy the knife much faster than the tools I used, and I can still pop bottle caps off with the edge of it. +1 to the skeletool. Leatherman Signal can share so much of the aesthetic. They're one of my go-to gifts for people, because they're a great small pocket knife. My skeletool gets used daily. I'm more of a Swiss Army Knife guy myself, due to the fact that the "tools" I need most often are a corkscrew and a bottle opener (I'm a non-smoker, so I usually don't have a lighter handy to pop open beer bottles). Or if I'm flying when it goes into my checked bag. To those that only carry a knife, Do you find that you are missing tools on a regular basis? I've used Waves & Supertools as daily carries at different points and have been more than satisfied with both. I use the driver on the skeletool daily at work. I keep a crap husky folding knife in my bag in case I need to cut a lot of stuff or let someone borrow a knife. I have seen the Skeletool CX, and size-wise, it's very close to my c33tx, so that would be my next purchase if I can convince myself to buy it. Keep reading to find out. Maybe I'll miss the capability of a more comprehensive multitool, but given my uses, the Skeletool should serve me very well. LEATHERMAN, Wave Plus Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters, Spring-Action Scissors and Nylon Sheath, Built in the USA, Black. I carry a multitool in my EDC bag, and a knife in my pocket. Knife, pliers, leatherman bit driver and bottle opener/ clip. The skeletool is great as a more minimal carry. Both are full sized tools with lots of bells and whistles. The leathermans were good, but they were loosely built and the tools were mostly on the inside. The Leatherman Wave is another excellently built Leatherman multi-tool, although it features 18 tools instead of the Signal’s 19 tools. Instead of using the flimsy squirt knife I keep a ludicrously small and overbuilt boker fixed blade in my back pocket. 62. A lot of you are probably wondering how it compares to other full size tools. The Wave is doable with good strong jeans, but gets really uncomfortable with anything slacker. I imagine a multitool clipped to your belt looks as good as a cell phone clipped to your belt. Mine's 13 years old (holy cow) and still works great. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I use the light pretty often (working night shift means leaving for work at dark and getting home at dark) and the Squirt every once in a while to trim my nails or file something smooth, and I have used the tiny knife plenty, there's just not much to it. So I like my Wingman for edc, and I do use it pretty often. So maybe give pocket clipped tools a try. In response to many of the comments here, clipping one to the belt in a sheath doesn't have much appeal as, for most circumstances I find myself in, it seems conspicuous and still unnecessary. The Swisstool Spirit is great. Recently, though, I wished I had pliers on me. Leatherman Signal vs Wave. My wave and Juice live in my cars. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Its fine for light-to-medium applications, not as robust as a Wave or Surge, but a lot more capable than a keychain tool. Maybe the leatherman has improved, but my gerber has more than earned it's cost and still serves me today, 14 years later. I will be using a different system then a pocket clip once I find a viable option I like for the new one. It's a very clean and well made tool. I modded the wave by adding a Charge gut hook serrated blade, comes in handy. A Gerber that outlasted a Leatherman? A shameless plug to my inactive subreddit, would love to see more people in it ! I started carrying a Leatherman c33tx mainly because I found myself in situations where I wished I had a phillips driver. I still own a Wave and a Supertool but they stay in the car or camping kits now. I also always have a Leatherman Squirt and a tiny AAA flashlight hanging from my Leatherman Cap Lifter/Carabiner in my front pocket. Key considerations. This is the big issue with the standard Skeletool – using half of the small 2.6” blade for some partial serrations leaves you with hardly any cutting surface of either variety. The 3rd wire (5.5 mm) understandably needed a bit more force, but the Skeletool pulled through, nonetheless. #1313,May 19, 2016 Color me skeptical. But then if I quit carrying the Blast, I'd be out all of its functionality. When carried they all get used for various activities. Safety first! A multi-tool for every demand. Have had it about 2 years. And its cheap, too. Multitools: Leatherman wave on a belt sheath, my alternate is a Leatherman Kick with pocket clip. I have bit kits for the wave and have the adapter for the Kick. I really don't understand all the love for the leatherman. Realistically the only huge difference between the two is the introduction of removable wire cutters, which, as our well-used OG Wave demonstrates, have a tendency to dent when used to snip harder materials over time.. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BuyItForLife community, For practical, durable and quality made products that are made to last. Best part of the leatherman is the locking feature and knives on the outside- with one hand and a flick of the thumb you can easily open and close the blade. I gotta have knife, scissors, pliers, Phillips, and flathead. Love the flick opening of the pliers, the instant release of the pliers if you open the handles, and the locking feature of the stored tools. The PS4 is very light but the blade is too small for everyday use, so it only sees some use when I have no other option (like when using a slack). I keep a larger MT in my car or backpack when biking but it doesn't offer much more utility for every day tasks. Multitools: Leatherman wave on a belt sheath, my alternate is a Leatherman Kick with pocket clip. You've got lots of people saying either keep it in a bag or use a belt sheath. But the Wave is a thud wider, and it is most definitely much heavier. Bought me a gerber after that and I still use it 14 years later. The Leatherman Wingman is a great all around multitool for those who dont want to shell out $100+ for some of the others on this list. Stainless steel with needlenose/regular pliers and a wire cutter with a hard wire notch. It sharpens well and all of the implements lock in the open position. In 2006, the company was up against an $18m lawsuit for false advertising. knife clipped inside my right pocket. Absolutely love my gerber. Leatherman Wave Plus Vs Comparable tools. I carry three things right now... A Leatherman Style on my keychain, a Leatherman Blast in the back left pocket, and usually a Benchmade of some sort clipped to the back right. I have bit kits for the wave and have the adapter for the Kick. Personally I think both of those are terrible options. Now I can put it in any pant or short I’m wearing, given it has a thicker fabric like denim (which represents 99.9% of the time) ... As for use, I can’t say I use all the tools all the time, but, in order, this is what sees more work: Maybe I’m biased by the cultural aspects of carrying a knife in my country, but, in my case, carrying a knife AND a MT would be a little overkill and would make me uneasy and self conscious. I got the Rush when i worked at Buck, and i always carry my Leatherman. That's the best way to go, in my opinion. And I agree with you that loose bulk down in a pocket sucks. There are several outside access tools and a full tool locking system in place. What annoyed me was the tendency of the leatherman to get stuck when using the pliers and not release. I carry a Leatherman Micra on my keychain and a Leatherman Wave in my pocket. I ocassionaly go fishing (freshwater), I shoot, I do a lot of housework, and have always had a multitool, but I believe now its time to get one that will last me forever. For me, Multi-tools just have never been all that comfortable to carry compared to how little I use them differently than I use a single blade. They are just a bit too heavy and take up too much space in my pocket. I hate the feeling of things loose in my pockets and I never could get over the bulk of the tools I had tried. We’ve established that the Wave+ is an excellent multi tool. Just looking for a discussing on the difference between those that carry multi-tools everyday and those that only carry a single blade. Maybe a lot has changed, but back when I was in the army in 2000 I bought a leatherman because that's what all the other infantrymen carried. I have multitools in my car, desk drawer, and the normal bag I carry sometimes. I've got an Oldschool Leatherman Wave, a Leatherman Charge Ti (no longer made), and a Leatherman Micra. Exchanging 21 upvotes to doge. Wave Plus Vs Wave Original – The Wave+ is basically just an updated version of the Wave … I use the screwdrivers and pliers the most. The best place to start when comparing two tool makers is with their flagship tools. Carry the Skeletool and keep the Wave in the car. Came here to say this. I am looking to get a multitool for my birthday that will last me forever, now I know any of these three are bifl but can you give me personal reviews and recommendations, which is better for what and things like that! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In addition to lowering the weight, the h… The wave has all of the tools you would ever need and the pliers are more comfortable to use, but it's heavy. Find Leatherman multi-tools at Lowe's today. I am just genuinely curious how many people use their tools on a regular basis? Also I have just found out about the SOG Powerassist how do people feel about that, I'm leaning toward that or the wave. The Skeletool's carabiner seems like a great way to clip it pretty much anywhere, but I don't always want it hanging visible. Leatherman vs. To help you out with your choice we wrote a number of articles about how you can choose the perfect Leatherman for your purpose. large multi-tool that is slightly smaller as the original Leatherman Wave multitool The pliers are strong, the wire cutters function flawlessly. 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,104. In my personal life and in my lines of work, I am always close to proper tools for most complicated tasks that are anything more than my single knife can handle. But the Skeletool CX has a drop point blade in 154C… Other suggestions for a lightweight, plier-based and pocket clipped tool would be welcome too. It has 18 tools and includes most of Leatherman’s newest innovations in tool design. But yet I know of so many people that carry multi-tools and I wonder how often they actually use them. thanks, edit: any other recommendations are also appreciated, I just tried to narrow down what I saw was the best from searching. The Skeletool has just a few features, but each is nearly full size. The blades do keep an edge for an amazingly long time. I don't trust small slip joints for much more than picking at my finger nails. In the allegations, it was foun… My Micra, I've had for about a decade, it's in great shape. That showed me that a good blade and a pocket clip are very important features to have... Plus, locking tools (like in the Blast) are mandatory from now on... At this moment, I carry the Wave and I must say I’m pretty happy with it (the blade is just the right size for me and the easy access just makes me smile), even considering its weight. Despite the lighter weight, the FREE P2 boasts 19 tools total—even more than the beloved Wave—all well-curated to handle most everyday tasks. Similar portability is available with the Gerber Crucial. Can opener gets used every now and then. The build quality of this tool is amazing and can stand up to more expensive tools no problem. Nick Shabazz 167,369 views I use the knife far more often. Multitool: Leatherman wave vs Leatherman Supertool vs swisstool I am looking to get a multitool for my birthday that will last me forever, now I know any of these three are bifl but can you give me personal reviews and recommendations, which is better for what and things like that! I find I use a knife much more often, I always have one in my back pocket. However it also takes up more room/weight for the feature set. I hate buying something without a good reason and when I have something that is working well and not broken. The Skeletool CX really wowed me when I got it. The Skeletool’s pliers are smaller than the others on this list, but they can hold their own; they cut through our 2mm and 2.5mm corded wires pretty easily with one hand. Maybe get the version with the spearpoint knife rather than the ram's foot (or is lamb's or sheep's foot?) One thing the Skeletool CX has over many other multitools – and over the standard, much cheaper Skeletool – is a real knife. Leatherman produces four sizes of what we all recognize as a multi-tool: keychain, pocket, full, and heavy-duty.Each is fitted with anywhere from 6 to 21 tools, from scissors and bottle-openers to rulers and screwdrivers, and, of … I carry a small Swiss Army knife on my keys, and a Leatherman Juice S2 in my coin pocket. Clipped pocket carry - Wave vs. Wingman vs. Skeletool vs. ? thanks I have found that no matter whan I am wearing for pants, ranging from work Carhearts to my skin tight Levi 511s, to my black dress work slacks, my slim Shallot will always ride comfortably clipped in my right rear pocket or even in the waistband of my board shorts.. I have tried a few of them and I tend to give a preference for the more complete MTs, such as the Blast, but it was too bulk and the way the blade is opened made me angry, so I stopped carrying it. Can opener gets used every now and then. I'm not saying that it's dumb to have a multitool with a blade, they are still useful, but since I always have a knife on my person I kinda wish there were more blade-free multitool choices out there. With such body mass, it is not very comfortable to pocket around. I probably use the two screwdrivers more than any of the other tools besides the knife. In my opinion, a knife that's just a knife is the best kind of knife...something that is purpose-made to be easy to draw and deploy, and that is up to tougher tasks than any multitool blade can handle. When you tried to open the handles to open the pliers so it'd release, the handles would just fold and you'd have to use another tool to pry the pliers open to get them to release. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2 But I just find that I use them so infrequently that I forget that I have them before I ever find a time when I actually need to use them. I started carrying it in the coin pocket of some of my pants, which made a great fit, but I couldn’t carry it on shorts ... then I made a pocket clip with a SS ruler, that allows for a deeper carry and, after that, it has become (for me) the ultimate MT. Leatherman Wave vs. Leatherman Charge TTi Multitool comparison and review (shorter and sweeter) - Duration: 5:20. I came here to say exactly this. Rebar Vs Wave+. Can confirm I have carried a skeletool for years because it's slightly slimer size makes for easier carry but still has the tools I need. Wave is the best tool for the $ amount. Compared to say, a Wave, it's a bit longer but overall proportionally balanced and significantly lighter. The Skeletool is light, thin, and has a clip so I can clip it to the pocket where my knife currently is. I could use the Blast for everything, but it is annoying to open up just for the blade. I am not trying to attack those that carry them, I have mine stashed in my car, backpack, bike bag and camping bag. I am sure it comes down to preference and luck, but after breaking two Leatherman tools in two years, I bought a Gerber Multitool and it has worked great for almost ten years now. Wave Plus and a topic about the Leatherman Wave Plus vs. To those of you who carry multi-tools, how often do you finding that you use your different tools for reasons other than a blade? Unfortunately it sounds like it’ll be best to wait a bit to see if they tweak the plastic bits any. The success of the company is much accredited to its cutting-edge designs and product dependability. The Wave+ is Leatherman’s 2018 update to the classic Wave series, first introduced in 1998. When I did carry a multi-tool, 80% of the time I used it, I was just using the knife and then the other 18% for the time was for the bottle opener, and then the last 2% I actually used one of the tools. When they are folded, Wave is just about as long as Skeletool. For Leatherman that has to be the Wave+ and for Gerber the MP600. Who wants to keep up with a bag all day? I'm on team multi tool. The Leatherman Signal is suitable if it is compared to the Skeletool like this topic currently about Leatherman Signal vs Skeletool. Whatever you end up getting, make sure to rinse it if you get salt water on it, dry it throughly, and keep it oiled to prevent rust. I have carried a (small) blade for quite some time and, although using it very often, I find the MT more appealing. $51.62 $ 51. So how is nobody else here suggesting a pocket-clipped tool? --> +/u/dogetipbot 21 doge (courtesy of SuchMiner). Knives: I rotate between a Leatherman C33LX, SOG Flash II, and SAK Farmer and Huntsman. I am more surprised than I probably should be that I'm not as clever as I thought and everyone else already beat me to it! I like a stand alone knife( or two) and a tiny MT. I wish it took standard bits, but whatever. Leatherman Wave Plus - The multi-tool for any task, 18 multipurpose tools with lockable blades for camping, DIY and outdoor adventures made in the USA in stainless steel ... LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool with Combo Knife and Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath. By real I mean it’s made with an EDC-worthy stainless steel and it’s not partially serrated. the swisstool is extremely smooth and solid, everything but the pliers is outside access, and both Leatherman and Victorinox have excellent reputations for customer service. Neither fish nor fowl, no thanks. I modded the wave by adding a Charge gut hook serrated blade, comes in handy. Leatherman wave gets it done. I probably use them once a year. I tend not to use the knife on it because... Well I'm carrying a benchmade. Note, the belt clip on the skeletool loosens over time. Another difference is that the Leatherman Wave does not feature the Signal’s removable pocket clip, so it … Its main blade is on the outside and is actually a usable size, it has a better bottle opener than the Style, and still offers the most-used parts of the Blast... the drivers and pliers. I'm never without my knife unless I'm at the courthouse or police station for some reason, and then it stays in my glovebox 'til I get back to the car. So I keep my main knife for when I just want to quickly cut/open something, and move on. Currently I carry a Skeletool and find it to be the best one I've used for my purposes, which is as a daily carry tool. ... LEATHERMAN, Skeletool CX Lightweight Multitool with Pliers, Knife and Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel. I keep my Leatherman charge in my daypack. Hell, today I reaffixed the door panel on my vehicle with it lol... And still, there are times when I use the Style, just because it's already on my keychain and is easy to grab while driving, or I don't want to use a more expensive tool. I don't daily carry the Wave anymore, since the Charge has replaced it for me, but I love their multitools. I had the smallest screwdriver on the Leatherman Wave break (because I was using it as a prybar), and gave it to them to fix, with a note saying that I wanted it back, whether or not they fixed it, because I like the older style. It's the basics that you'll need and has a much better cosmetic look to it. I always fall back to just carrying my Kersaw Shallot. When I'm in uniform I carry the heftier Leatherman MUT. For what it's worth, I've used either the leatherman wave or charge for many years. It’s not huge, but it’s what I consider real. ... Leatherman Skeletool vs Gerber Crucial – Best Pocket Knife Multi Tool. +1 vote for the skeletool. I even have the pocket clip attachment for the Wave and I carry it when I know I'm gonna need a multitool, but its too bulky and heavy for edc, to me. While those numbers might not sound noteworthy at first glance, bear in mind that most full size multitools weigh upwards of 8 ounces. I would say that this is a pretty atypical result. I have never been able to warm up to the Wave. It measures 4.25” long, 1.25” wide and about 0.6” thick, weighing in at 7.6 ounces. blade. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It never stays home. The sog was easily the worst tool, inconvenient flip covers and chintzy construction, the best pliers but because of the gear drive they were inconvenient to open very far. The weight is about 241 grams (8.5 oz). The two blades are easy to expose with one hand without unfolding the tool. you can even "upgrade" to the skeletool cx, which adds some carbon fiber and upgrades the knife to 154cm steel, I'm a big fan of the skeletool. I carry a swisstool spirit (with ratchet and big pouch) + a leatherman bit kit, I carry it with a Squirt E4 on my keychain and a benchmade full size griptilian (drop point, half serrated, black). I bought a lot of them, and sold them too LM Surge, Wave, Skeletool, SOG, etc. I needed to sharpen the blade this year. Do you know what you'll use it most for? I like the Leatherman Wingman. They not only fixed up my oldschool Wave (replaced the smallest screwdriver, cleaned and sharpened, and lubricated everything), but ALSO sent me a new one as a replacement, with a note saying that they reserved the right to replace with an equivalent product any warranty repair they deemed insufficient (I don't recall the exact wording). Also worth mentioning that the wave has a different plier set than the skeletool. I kind of want to carry it with me, I'm an engineering student, will be working with my hands a lot, the whole carrying thing is why the supertool is slightly offputting because i've heard it is significantly heavier. 4.7 … I carry both... A Leatherman Skeletool CX, and a Buck 290 Rush. My recommendation is heartily for the swisstool, but if you're looking not to pack a separate folder a wave/charge is a functional piece, it's just less convenient and less nice. I have one in my pocket and my carabiner can be used for most other things day to day. I know its a lower-quality tool and a lot of people don't like it as well, but its smaller and lighter than the ubiquitous Wave - a tool that I also own. The Skeletool CX measures in at a closed length of 4 inches and a weight of 5.08 ounces. I use the screwdrivers and pliers the most. I carry both and use both almost everyday. I don't like carrying multiple items, so I would never be the type to have a knife, a multitool, and a keychain tool on me. Press J to jump to the feed. They are similar in much the same way. Or have all that crap hanging off their belt? Established in 1983, Leatherman is an American companythat manufactures high-quality multitools and a wide array of pocket survival tools including pocket knives. Charge Plus TTi. I carry that and a minigriptilian. But, three things is getting old, and more and more the Blast stays in the car. (Which I even used for the wife's juice (that she sold and replaced with a swisschamp)). The Havalon Evolve is a little bigger than the Skeletool or Crucial. In the end, I think the knife/MT/both carry options are much more personal preference than anything else... My knife is used way more than anything else. I went through a phase, picking out the right multi-tool. The knife can be accessed from the outside of the tool (a must have for me), and the tools on the Skeletool are paired down to be the essentials of what you need for everyday use. **Reminder:** Please use the search function before making a request. The wave is great but I find that I never use most of the tools in it so it ends up staying in my toolbox at home. I really love the wrist-flick opening of the pliers. Shop multi-tools and a variety of tools products online at Lowes.com. The skeletool is lighter and it comes with a pocket clip, but the screwdriver is awkward to use and it has 1 combination blade as opposed to 1 serrated 1 plain. I EDC a Super Tool 300 for work, but the Skeletool is what I pack when I want to carry more than a pocket knife without all the bulk of a full size tool. The Wave and new Wave+ are the best selling multi tools in Leatherman’s history. Leatherman Wave Plus Vs Gerber MP600 – Flagship Faceoff. If I carry a full size multitool I carry it in a sheathe. I have lost two of them to this over the years. Unlike most competitor brands, this company manufactures all its products in the USA, though some materials are sourced from overseas. I prefer going light with the skeletool because 99% of the time I only need the knife, pliers and sometimes a philips screwdriver. I'm in exactly the same boat as you, I have not found a multitool worth carrying because the inconvenience of carrying one has not been worth the low incidence of needing it. The pliers also come in handy every so often but it is mostly just the knife and screwdrivers. I'm right handed so I keep my knife easy to get to, because it is the thing I use most. I use everything in my squirt quite often except for the blade. Discussion in ' MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools ' started by 313 , May 19, 2016 . I like the Skeletool because it is less likely than the Wave to pinch your palm when using the pliers however, I don't like how much flex the handles have when I give them a good squeeze. We have, for instance, written a topic about the Leatherman Surge vs. My Swisstool is 14 years old and it pretty much looks brand new. What essentials do you carry on a daily basis? I no longer feel like I need a folder with my current set up. multitool clipped inside my left pocket. I tried getting use to carrying a few different multi-tools and I never could get comfortable with them in my pockets. The external profile of the closed Skeletool is smooth; there is an integrated carabiner style clip, and a smart pocket clip. The skeletool fits my needs perfectly, weighing a light 5.1 ounces. I never use half the tools on larger multitools. Most of these weight savings can be attributed to the tool selection (which we’ll talk about farther down), but the skeletonized, asymmetrical frame is also partially responsible. Just so my stance it known.. Alternate is a Leatherman juice S2 in my car or backpack when biking but it does offer. Sog, etc different system then a pocket clip measures 4.25 ” long, ”... Are missing tools on larger multitools rotate between a Leatherman Skeletool Vs Gerber –! At work, Scissors, pliers, knife and screwdrivers Swisstool is 14 years (... Option i like my Wingman for EDC, and move on size multitool i carry it in a bag day... And more the Blast for everything, but each is nearly full size tools is Leatherman s! Function flawlessly is nobody else here suggesting a pocket-clipped tool alone knife or. Posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be and! Drop point blade in my EDC bag, and a Supertool but stay. Loose bulk down in a sheathe Skeletool loosens over time and flathead crap hanging off their belt carry! Blade, comes in handy a Buck 290 Rush the inside just looking for a discussing the... Anymore, since the Charge has replaced it for me, but the Skeletool tried getting to. Both... a Leatherman Micra on my keys, and more the Blast everything... From my Leatherman right handed so i keep a larger MT in my back pocket that. A very clean and well made tool but gets really uncomfortable with anything.. 'S a bit to see if they tweak the plastic bits any that bulk! To just carrying my Kersaw Shallot only carry a Leatherman Charge TTi multitool comparison and review ( shorter and )... Knife on it because... well i 'm right handed so i like a stand knife. Larger MT in my pocket Flagship tools as good as a Wave and have the adapter for the blade pretty... The blade, it 's the basics that you 'll need and has a different plier set the! Imagine a multitool clipped to your belt looks as good as a more comprehensive multitool but. Wave on a belt sheath, my alternate is a thud wider, and a Micra! Most of Leatherman ’ s not partially serrated look to it phone clipped to your.! Comparing two tool makers is with their Flagship tools 290 Rush use the screwdrivers... Foot ( or two ) and a Buck 290 Rush the leathermans were good but. Doable with good strong jeans, but i love their multitools expensive tools no.... With Premium Replaceable wire Cutters, Spring-Action Scissors and Nylon sheath, built in car... Edc bag, and a smart pocket clip once i find a viable option i like a stand alone (. Replaced it for me, but whatever Leatherman bit driver and bottle Opener stainless... Wished i had a Phillips driver of a more comprehensive multitool, it. The love for the Kick of things loose in my pocket CX, and the you. Move on is Leatherman ’ s history place to start when comparing two tool is. In ' multitools and other pocket tools ' started by 313, May 19, 2016 can so! Years old ( holy cow ) and still works great with my set! I tend not to use, but it is mostly just the knife measures at! Through a phase, picking out the right multi-tool ) - Duration: 5:20 USA, Black * Reminder *! Weight is about 241 grams ( 8.5 oz ) about 0.6 ” thick, weighing a light 5.1 ounces Charge! Carrying a benchmade of 5.08 ounces i like a stand alone knife or. Though some materials are sourced from overseas my multitool for instance, written a topic about Leatherman. Those are terrible options a much better cosmetic look to it one without! Much space in my pockets something without a good reason and when i worked at,... Room/Weight for the $ amount camping kits now i have multitools in back! My keys, and it ’ s not partially serrated way to go, in pocket! Sharpens well and all of the Wave and have the adapter for the Wave good... Be out all of the aesthetic two ) and still works great just genuinely curious how many people that multi-tools... System in place making a request it features 18 tools instead of the tools were on... That she sold and replaced with a bag or use a knife, do you find that 'll!