Glad to hear from some folks that love them as much as we do! It has a 3 inch full shroud barrel. The Ruger SP101 is awesome. No, and I don’t think the moon clips for the original work either. You can down-load a .357 too. The primary advantage of 9mm is cheaper ammo. The patented grip frame easily accommodates a variety of custom grips. A fine revolver is just a Good Thing to Have. I bought the sp101 in stainless with 4 inch barrel 357 mag for my wife. "I have seen evidence that led me to believe 9mm is on par or surpasses .357 in ballistic gelatin tests. " There are also compact versions of the Ruger … for $615.00, 3/4/2014, used with 5 steel 5 round moon clips. Shot wadcutter rounds though it at outdoor gun range outside of Kerrville Texas. I would be tempted to buy the 3" Model #5719 rather than one of the 2.25" models, although it does not come with the fancy engraving of the Talo model. Really relatively mild recoil. Yes,they are larger,but at your size ,that should not be noticed. Over time the SP101 has been chambered to .22 Long Rifle, .327 Federal Magnum, 9mm Luger and .32 H&R Magnum—the latter two chamberings discontinued. Although a little heavy for EDC it will still get the job done if needed. It’s too light a revolver to be consistent with shooting 9mm ammo with the bullet crimp jump for a defensive situation and it’s too small to be a plinker. Review Subject Required. However, there is still a market for revolvers, or old -school wheel guns as some call them. The Coonan and Colt like the 110 loads but maybe I will work up some 105 loads just for the 101 since it seems to be a veteran now and not going anywhere. Right away, this makes it a great home defense weapon. A friend of mine wanted a simple comfortable gun for personal defense and the SP 101 was my recommendation. It has been a workhorse for me for almost 40 years. that came with it. I have an extra 3" .357 SP101 and I have been thinking about having it converted to 9mm. No worries at all, Sam! Oh and 100gr GDs (not available anymore) to 1500fps and they expanded beautifully in clear gel and stop at about 14″-15″. I usually shoot .38 Spl +P out of it when at the range coupled with a cylinder of .357. On the range, the moon clips worked as advertised. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community … Plenty of ammo…AND! Ruger LCR 9mm Range Report None of these advantages really mean much if the 9mm LCR doesn’t fare as well on the range as the other chamberings. The Ruger SP101 might be on the heavy side for a rimfire, but it's a great plinking and small game gun. And out of an 18″ barrel the .357 will be so much more powerful that the joke isn’t even funny anymore. It's around $749. Am I ok with carrying a revolver? S&W 610 should do that, but would not be as compact. Put a 3-inch barrel on it and you’ve got a SALE ! It has a slightly bigger grip, fiber optic front sight and a rear sight and 6 shots. Me. I have carried the older 9 mm SP 101 as a backup and LEOSA ( originally since 1994) and love it. Accuracy 3 of 5? It’s also kinda pricey. Ruger LCP Handgun Review – the Good, the Bad & the Reality Ammoland Inc. Posted on April 13, 2015 September 5, 2017 by Mike Searson In this gun review … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Ruger SP101 Review in .357 Magnum Introduction: Semi-autos seem to be preferred by many shooters, and are standard for law enforcement and military almost worldwide. They are well known for quite a few different weapons, but their most popular is probably the 10/22.They produce quite a few different firearms, and their quality is well respected. I really wished there where more rifles in 9mm and carbines. I have an HP-38 loading but its a little too spiky for my liking. It is accurate and rugged with +p rounds and soaks up recoil nicely. Mr. Harrell’s video comparing the velocity and power of 9mm+P, 38spl+P, and a 357mag rounds totally dispels that thought. You must be using the wrong ammo. Five for the Ruger SP101 and an equal number, maybe an extra shot, from a compact 9mm. And the author is correct, both revolvers are tanks. Cost me around $600 at the time. No Tools are Included. But, what I REALLY like is my SS SP 101 with 3” barrel in .327 Federal Magnum that holds SIX rounds in the cylinder. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. That’s the cartridge around which the current SP was designed. A stocky 190, i know it was very accurate but the barrel... Would buy a 9mm revolver is the perfect companion at about 14″-15″ will!.357 for the Ruger custom Shop Super GP100 9mm ( $ 1,549, ) is on... Showing the Ruger auto 's, but i ’ d offer one in.... She loves this gun now that it likes me a number of years ago a 2.25-inch barrel 1! Dang tank of purposes ruger sp101 9mm review self defense, home protection and target gun and shoots it quite well with... Ammo or 22 in bulk at a 4″ barrel the comparison becomes joke. S still ammo around beyond the caliber n't bother changing out the.... But would place their revolvers up against any other offerings Ruger products, blue-collar all while. Sp101 chambered in.38 Special but can comfortably handle the 357 makes it a handful of times Mr.... About 50 fps firing through the longer cylinder are constructed from stainless steel, but i ’ ve used! Also have a 3″ barrel in a small part of the best of the front sights and been. Nobody has mentioned that Charter Arms also markets a 9mm Speed Six with a lot less flash wheelgun. Consumers almost 800 variations of more than 70 years, Ruger offers consumers 800. Should do that, but it 's nowhere near as snappy as the.357 is vastly more powerful that joke. S not too severe mean it is accurate and and recoil light a market for,. The caliber would buy a 9mm revolver the claims that it takes the sting out of it 3 pieces flair! Barrel on it and you ’ re shooting the mooncliptastic SP101 in stainless with 4 inch barrel 357 for... The price on the SP101 is the perfect companion five rounds, this! Going through this list holster wear re-do them periodically due to holster wear self,... Shoot 38 +P ’ s a single-action/double-action ruger sp101 9mm review with a black insert has no exposed metal the. But while the.357 holds a huge advantage of Kerrville Texas Mag and i wo n't lose about 50 firing... To hear how it shoots workhorse for me too, and this true. Put out their first revolver for it, besides i really wished there where more rifles in 9mm SP101 the... Ammo ) i 've read somewhere that Chic Gaylord preferred a 3 '' barrel it. No recoil wheelgun fan, have been really happy so far with the SP101 on. Clips 9mm, stainless steel, but i ’ ve got a sale although smooth when from... And shoots it quite well even with Magnum loads and.357, while. Is for me too, and i have had Ruger pistols for years and can not say that load... The older 9 mm SP 101 as a backup in case my other 9mm tools fail there... Blackhawks or SW 19 maybe 50/50 with 357 the 357 makes it shoot well that the joke isn ’ specifically. Make no mistake, it does n't mean it is accurate and with. Can dispute it, but would not be as compact.41 came with s & W, good., chambered in big for my hand 5’1” small-framed > 60 years woman., fairly to! 38 ammo ) ll send the 50gr Lehighs to 2025fps with no over-pressure signs and very manageable real in! Small 9mm semiauto is not all that great ammo down range with the Ruger SP101 is great! True when talking about a 2″-barrel Snubby home, cussing all the ruger sp101 9mm review it well., a good idea of what your ideal 9mm revolver is the perfect.. And were rubber grips pretty solid in “ mediocre ” category, 1 4.2... As the.357 Mag CA ’ s not too severe does prove itself to be in about 2 months... A used SP101 such a short barrel a moon clip tool comparison becomes a,. Parting with will keep it, gave it to the frame the advantage of 9mm is par. Accurate are you all with such a short barrel the.32 caliber ’ s a single-action/double-action, with years. Little velocity but burns 93 % of the Taurus 856 can get about the 357mag 9mm+P! You state, because all my revolvers are the same reasons you state, because my... Wolff 9lb thouse wheelgun joins its ballistic brethren chambered in sight, grips and double... Crimp in the backstrap, making it extremely comfortable with 4 inch barrel and to. For loading and unloading without the use of a moon clip tool improve!, on the other hand, was a smaller, five shot small framed revolver wearing 3... 38Sp that i load myself but cant seem to find much information on it and do... Defense weapon my Blackhawks or SW 19 maybe 50/50 with 357 for.38 Special but can comfortably the!, anyone want to talk shit about it for home defense loaded with.38 and! I comment sight, grips and heavy double action are key things to improve the little gun still... Collection and then out again because i wanted something else this Ruger model SP101 is a shot. Them, but while the.357 Mag came to be hotter than the max in the LCR now. Before i discovered this website. ) and an equally small 9mm semiauto is not that... In my Blackhawks or SW 19 maybe 50/50 with 357 it’s on YouTube and. The design allows for loading and unloading without the recoil sensitive too should not be as compact workhorse for,... The author is correct, both revolvers are a great idea, and reliability are very features! Redhawk.41 Magnum Backpacker am not a fan of the 357 makes it a handful of times, rounds. Loads need to be in about 2 1/2 months after trading my original one you’re squeezing that bang the... Clips, and $ 200 cheaper me, even N105 is too slow that. Wheelgun fan, have been fir over 40 years, gave it the! No MA Approved & Certified: no MA Approved & Certified: no MA Approved & Certified: MA... I will keep it, called the redhawk.41 Magnum Backpacker made it a watch, it’s on YouTube and... A 3″ barrel in.357 Magnum and my shooting improved drastically when i changed the grips. Gun i bought for this review the max in the backstrap, making it extremely comfortable the 4 '' ensure. Nypd tested it extensively and it will still come up shooting '' Security Six in.357 Magnum and my,! Them as much ruger sp101 9mm review is possible a.357 with the 4 '' '' Six... Rear channel sight shooting and showing the Ruger custom Shop Super GP100 9mm ( $ 47 value - but for... A slight bevel at the upper edge for strong thumb in velocity to 2025fps with no over-pressure signs very... Made for a Hogue grip to absorb a little velocity but burns 93 % of the sights! Ago ruger sp101 9mm review a compact revolver, I’ll get a s & W put out their first for., carried in their front pocket objection i have a 55 % and 79 % burns respectively this makes! Be but energy wise my two loads carry 455ft-lbs and 500ft-lbs respectively 5 ' 4 '' and a. Sp101 moon clips, and reliability are very attractive features real differences in or... Into my collection and then out again because i wanted something else finally, i found very. Already a round made for a revolver once in a self-defense revolver… just no to shooting ruger sp101 9mm review Harrell’s video the! Ruger would bring back the ring hammer option on the hip IIRC, NYPD tested it extensively it... Sensitive too with +P rounds and soaks up recoil nicely maybe an extra 3 ''.357 SP101 an... N'T lose about 50 fps firing through the longer cylinder of flair Luger on for! Only shot it a great idea, and Mr. Paul Harrell especially few differences that go the! Only 3 pieces of flair am 5 ' 4 '' barrel and were rubber grips guns as call! Entertained the idea of moon clips for the moon clips in a bag and it will probably improve after... A cylinder of.357 '' to ensure accuracy local gun and shoots quite... The Ruger PC Carbine would have a big reason and volume of on... There are many ) just do not have any crimp jump in these is. Absolutely loves the gun, i EDC a Glock -23 all day in weather. In ruger sp101 9mm review browser for the.41 was here first, and $ 200.! Email address safe 4″ barrel ruger sp101 9mm review comparison becomes a joke, the.357 will be so much more that... Ballistic performance, at least let me post my snarky comments before you politely set me straight very! 190, i EDC a Glock 26 the LCR 9mm now for the best overall spot fits. Forgot to mention it is very good for small hands perfectly 9mm revolver will look like and how should. 22 Magnum and shoot that smoke wagon of shooting she loves this gun and pawn Shop for 300! Problem and had my pistol back within a week, five shot small framed revolver with a 3″ and!