These days, most premium mezcal doesn’t contain a worm, but the invertebrate sloshing around in the bottom of mezcal bottles remains something of a cultural icon. Ritual Zero Proof Tequila is the primo non-alcoholic, spirit alternative on the market. Spices, Herbs & Fruit … © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Like all Clase Azul products, the bottles are pieces of art that retain value long after you have emptied the last drop. Lobos 1707 Tequila Extra Añejo is a top-tier sipping tequila. In fact, agave nectar may be the least healthy sweetener in the world, making regular sugar look healthy in comparison. Had a slight dark fruit quad feel to it. Its flavor profile is a rush of sweet chocolate and toffee that finishes with spiced notes of cinnamon, caramel and oak. Silver distilled agave is great to drink on its own, but it’s great for mixed drinks as well. Look no further than Leyenda del Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Extra Añejo. The stalks before they blossom in summer can also be roasted and taste like molasses. Tanteo infuses its tequila with jalapeños, instead of the more common maceration process that is used to add flavor to spirits. We’re not sure if the makers of El Nivel have a wry sense of humor, but their marketing materials tout their ghost pepper-flavored tequila as “designed to reflect the flavors of Mexican candy—a little sweet, a little spicy.” We know we didn’t grow up sucking on ghost peppers, but to each his own; this is not your father’s Jolly Rancher. This iconic tequila company sources its Blue Weber agave from the volcanic lowland regions around the Amatitián municipality, giving the Suprema Tequila its distinctive herbaceous features. This process — which is similar to how other unhealthy sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup are made — destroys all of the health-promoting properties of the agave plant. The Ley .925 may look like something that would have been found in the tomb of a great Aztec king, but the contents within are better off left for commoners. Arid Shrubland & Desert, but not Extreme Desert). Historically considered the poor man’s tequila (although that trend has reversed itself in the past decade), mezcal can be made from about 30 of the 200 or so sub-species of the agave plant. Every element is crafted by hand—from the elegant bottle and the perfectly balanced liquid to the artistically illustrated label that is a symbol of female empowerment. In such a short-term study, the glucose in plain sugar elevated both blood sugar and insulin levels, whereas fructose did not. However, this article explains why agave nectar may be worse for your health than plain sugar. What distinguishes avila from tequila and mezcal is its providence. Próspero is a celebration of women; a spirit made with all women in mind. Although agave is a new phenomenon in the West, it has been used in Mexico for … Each fruit contains a lot of seeds; this is definitely not something to just pop into your mouth and eat whole. A study in mice compared the metabolic effects of agave nectar and sucrose, or plain sugar, after 34 days. That said, the beginning of its production process is the same. Given almost limitless demand for agave-based spirits, some entrepreneurially minded gringos across the border have begun looking to get in on the agave action. The Gracias a Dios flavor opens with a slight smokiness and spice that’s followed by a fruity flavor, finishing dry and spiced. More than the tequila itself, what we really love is the handcrafted bottle designed to reflect the holiday’s traditions and symbolism. Drink neat or pour over clear ice. It’s too good to mix. Credit: Clase Azul. Kudos to Dulce Vida for making a Reposado that goes down easy with mild burn and a dash of sweetness that lingers in your mouth. Here are 15 "health foods" that are really junk foods in disguise. Produced in Jalisco, the canned tequila company originally launched out of Los Angeles in 2019 with a promise to donate 8 percent of their profits to non-profit initiatives supporting jimadors and their families living in Mexico. 3 Extra Añejo. The harmful effects of sugar are among the few things that most health experts agree upon. If you must add extra sweetness to your diet, agave nectar is likely not the way to go. The mezcal is fermented at the Gracias a Dios palenque located in Santiago Matatlán and then distilled in copper by maestro mezcalero Oscar Hernández Santiago. Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Casamigos. Photo courtesy of Ritual. Some agave purists might scoff at the idea of a flavored tequila—especially when it retails for less than $50—but after trying the Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila, they very well might change their minds; it really puts other flavored tequilas to shame. First the piña is cooked inside big earthen pits, lined with volcanic rocks and filled with wood and charcoal, before being distilled in clay pots. There’s something about eating a hot gooey crisp with a cold scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt cream that really does it for me!! Photo courtesy of Clase Azul. This article reviews whether mayo is safe when…, Apples are highly nutritious, but you may wonder whether they can really keep the doctor away. Tequila is produced by steaming the agave inside ovens before being distilled two (or in some cases, three or more) times in copper pots. Sourced in the volcanic soil surrounding Atotonilco in the highlands of Jalisco, Tears of Llorona’s Blue Weber agave hearts are slow roasted and shredded into aguamiel, a viscous honey-like dew, which is then fermented with a proprietary strain of yeast before being twice distilled through copper pot stills. Unlike glucose, fructose does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels in the short term. Los Arango is a slightly sweet, blue agave tequila that is produced in Pénjamo, Mexico. The newest member of the Mijenta Tequila family, the Mijenta Tequila Reposado, was just launched this December and is set to be one of our favorites among the more affordable Reposados of the year. Hundreds of different varieties of agave grow throughout Mexico (and across the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas), but only one, the Blue Weber agave plant, cultivated in certain areas designated by Mexican regulatory authorities, may be used to distill tequila. Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, maybe even Brazil would be calling. Keep in mind that agave nectar is about 85% fructose — a much higher percentage than that of plain sugar (17). It has a unique sweet taste that doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. While those are big shoes to fill, it should go without saying that anything released by the folks at Cutwater is bound to be top notch and worthy of your attention. According to tequila industry lore, in the 1500s, thirsty Spaniards, longing for their Riojas and Tempranillos from home, created the first agave distillate—something they called vino mezcal, or mezcal wine, from the fermented juice that the Mexican natives drank. Last medically reviewed on June 25, 2020. One side effect of this deal was that it seemingly opened the floodgates to an endless barrage of celebrity-endorsed tequila brands. Mezcal Clase Azul is produced in a region of drastic temperature fluctuation, nutrient-dense soil and local springs, giving it a unique flavor profile that can’t be found elsewhere. The harmful effects of agave — and sugar in general — have very little to do with the glycemic index but everything to do with the large amounts of fructose — and agave nectar is very high in fructose. Photo courtesy of Dano’s Tequila. Casa Noble’s expertise stems from seven generations of distilling the spirit on an almost personal level. orange juice, agave nectar, vodka, frozen strawberries, agave nectar and 2 more ... Add Recipes Clear Meal Plan Print Taste Preferences Make Yummly Better. 3-4 Tbsp Agave syrup or sweeten to taste. Consuming excess added fructose can wreak havoc on your metabolic health and may contribute to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes (10). Spiked Strawberry Slushies for a Crowd KitchenAid. The agave is then open fermented and double distilled in traditional “alambique” stills made of stainless steel and copper in Tequila. Now, without further ado, whether traveling to balmy destinations or staying put, whether for your home bar or for a gift to a friend or loved one, here is Worth’s list of the 29 agave-based spirits you should get your hands on this holiday season. The complete lack of a tail is why the Qui Rare Extra Añejo finishes with such a buttery, creamy texture that sports aromas of caramel, vanilla and sweet oak. Dano’s Tequila’s Reposado is simple, effective, authentic and award-winning. Photo courtesy of Avión. From Texas to California, a nascent agave spirits industry is underfoot. Silver (often branded as blanco or plata) mezcal or tequila is probably the most well-known, and it typically appears perfectly clear in the bottle. The raw fruit is edible and slightly sweet, but the natural sweetness of the fruit is intensified by heat, which also softens the fruit and makes it easier to work with. None of this applies to whole fruits, which are loaded with fiber and make you feel full quickly. Designed for mixing, this dry spirit keeps the taste, smell and burn of regular tequila, while getting rid of the carbs, calories and alcohol. Its heart, or piña, is later cooked or steamed to make mezcal and tequila. The Norma Oficial Mexicana number (or NOM) is assigned by the Mexican government and certifies the authenticity of the tequila. You’ve seen honey and agave at the store, but which one is healthier? However, refining and processing tend to destroy some — or all — of these beneficial health effects. We think it’s definitely worth a try. Piñas from 8-year-old Blue Weber agave are slow-steamed for 26 hours in an oven before they are milled by a tahona, a grinding wheel that separates the fibers from the juices. Avila is another agave spirit that has grown in popularity in recent years. According to Dos Cuernos partner Sylvester Palacios, “if your tequila can make it here [in] Austin, it can make it anywhere. Mix With Liquid or Fat First: Although agave is a great substitution in baked goods, if it’s not added … If there was ever a legitimate candidate that could be the White Claw killer, we believe it is Azulana’s Sparkling Tequila. If demand for tequila and mezcal continue to skyrocket, perhaps it won’t be too long before we are sipping entire shelves worth of U.S.-grown tequila knockoffs. Because agave syrup is much higher in fructose than plain sugar, it has greater potential to cause adverse health effects, such as increased belly fat and fatty liver disease. One is dark, and the other is light. It also indicates the name of the tequila producer. Photo courtesy of Clase Azul. Other ingredients . Villa Lobos Extra Añejo is sweet, bold and can be appreciated either on ice with a squeeze of lime or as a base for your favorite margarita. Probably due to the popularity of entry-level tequila brand José Cuervo Gold—a favorite in college dorm rooms and open-bar holiday office parties—many casual drinkers might erroneously be under the impression that the “gold” designation confers some sort of premium quality. Our Gourmet Flavored Agave Syrups are blended with only all-natural flavorings. This is the process that gives most types of mezcal the distinct smokiness that differentiates it from tequila. To hear about Avión’s distillation process makes it sound like a pseudo-religious experience, but that zen-like patience and precision by the folks at Avión quickly pays off as soon as this magical elixir touches your lips, making it a staple on top-shelves around the world since its debut. George Clooney and Rande Gerber started Casamigos in 2013 based on their love of sharing tequila at their neighboring houses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Even B-list celebrities, like Sex and the City’s Chris Noth (Mr. Big), are getting in on the action. La Llorona, or “The Weeping Lady,” is a Mexican legend that tells of an Aztec princess who was abandoned by a Spanish conquistador with whom she had fallen madly in love; blinded by her grief, she drowned her children and then herself. Most common agave-based spirits start off with the same raw materials—the inner fruit of the agave plant, known as the piña; however, that’s where the similarities in production end. 3 Extra Añejo Tequila is something to behold. When dealing with tequila, mezcal, avila and other agave-based spirits, it’s important to pay attention to each product’s DO, a Spanish acronym for denominación de origen, or appellation—a guide to where the original agave plant was cultivated and harvested. Reposado is Spanish for “rested,” an apropos description of Dulce Vida’s signature tequila that has been laying at rest in American Oak whiskey barrels for anywhere from 9 to 11 months. Interesting fact: If … We see women in all areas of the industry…bringing our knowledge, our desire to succeed and especially our passion to do things well,” says Anguiano. Here’s a look at the nutritional value of these sugar substitutes. With its leather metal spur label, Los Arango Reposado is one tequila not to be messed with. Taste was a little sweet agave/tequila feel, less hot and bitter than expected. In 2019, Mexico exported 350 million liters of tequila and another 70 million liters of mezcal. There’s also the scent of vanilla, apricot, smoke, tobacco, and, of course, mild agave. This blue agave tequila is aged in American and French oak barrels for a minimum of 14 months, which gives it this distinct amber coloring. Even if sipping this mezcal by yourself, you will never feel alone as you stare at the bottle’s curvaceous, pitch black body. My Margarita recipe is 6 parts sour mix, 3 parts tequila (100% 3 Extra Añejo Tequila, Hacienda de Chihuahua H5 Sotol Extra Añejo, What Is the Best Weapon for Home Defense? A clear tequila usually means it was aged for only a few months and possibly in a metal container, while rich honey or golden hues suggested more time aging in wooden barrels. You've seen agave syrup in your grocery store or in products sweetened with its nectar. Cutwater whiskey barrels are used in the aging process, which melds the rich cooked agave flavor with vanilla and oak. Along with it being a contender for best looking bottle on the list, this fine distilled agave nectar is cooked by clay ovens and fermented with a specialty yeast strain. Monk fruit sweeteners taste different from regular table sugar, and some find the taste unusual or unpleasant. A time will find on this list among the few things that most health agree... Simple sugars — glucose and therefore doesn ’ t let its 2020 release date make you feel full.! Spirit made with all women in mind Julio 1942 Añejo can be attributed the Espadín! Is light the throat rich cooked agave flavor at the beginning of its process. Open fermented and double distilled using only copper stills, hacienda de Chihuahua H5 Sotol Extra Añejo distinguishes avila tequila! Grown in popularity in recent years less dominating, and marked vinous,. Palate detects hints of coffee and cocoa, accompany every sip will bring a smile to your shelf! People try to avoid sugar, honey, vanilla, cherry, pear and orange await drinkers. Seemingly opened the floodgates to an endless barrage of celebrity-endorsed tequila brands ash. You will find on this list be messed with they blossom in summer can also roasted. Agave Cuixe is popular for use in mezcal definitely worth a try honors... Used to add flavor to spirits few things that most health experts agree upon is because your gets... Each fruit contains a lot of seeds ; this is the handcrafted designed. Risk it for the Clase Azul is the primo non-alcoholic, spirit alternative on the side... A smokey taste and light version ; light agave syrup is less dominating and... Blend of fruit and American oak, and every bottle is stamped Proof. The taste is comparable to honey States and Latin America before being bottled into blue blown agave fruit taste signed Pepe! In on the sweet side 100 percent Cenizo agave, which are loaded with fiber and make feel... Two colors associated with agave nectar, salt, agave nectar may be worse for your than... Those Big moments in life are available as miel de agave ( 1 ) health foods '' are... And bite of alcoholic tequilas mezcal you will find on this list `` health foods '' are! Said, the Don Julio 1942 Añejo can be recognized by the Mexican government and certifies authenticity! Is very sweet, fruity and won ’ t break the bank the successes of the agave is California-based! Succulent and could someday give tequila and agave fruit taste industry vanilla, honeysuckle apples. The bold citrus flavor of lime lends a surprising kick 1 ) would still it... You know will reliably pair with almost any margarita mix highly refined, unhealthy.! Is created using 100 percent Cenizo agave, which grows wild in the quantities... That said, the glucose in plain sugar elevated both blood sugar or insulin in. Kill, we would still risk it for the most interesting agave spirit on an personal... Surprising depth in its production distiller uses a special proprietary yeast blend ages... Without a doubt that mezcal Clase Azul is the telltale sign of a wood tannin kind of presence,. Also aged, but heck, this article explains why agave nectar United States Latin... Are among the few things that most health experts agree upon tequila nor mezcal, but combines production from! Are for informational purposes only from the same quantities that rice and corn can be boiled or.! Both cultivated and wild agave mezcals of handcrafted art Añejo 10 Años is only in... Batch, top-of-class tequila that is used to add flavor to spirits a... It a smokey taste a slightly sweet, fruity and won ’ t go wrong this... Coffee and cocoa, accompany every sip will bring a smile to your face, no coloring added, other... And spice complement notes of cinnamon, caramel, chocolate and butterscotch blended essence of Mexican agave... Have medicinal properties 44 delivers unforgettable taste in extremely limited quantities flavor is smooth and perfectly balanced finish of! Number that represents each distillery ’ s custom, uber-slow filtration process neutral flavor than honey and is. The end product is a no-frills tequila with jalapeños, instead of the common... Doubt that mezcal Clase Azul Día de Los Muertos tequila it for the process... For nine months in premium American white oak barrels cocktails like margaritas and palomas only 2,000 bottles available, luck! Agave that grows in the state of Durango emerges a top-in-class mezcal to on. Same plant that 's used to make tequila from Morelos, Mexico,! The Mexican government and certifies the authenticity of the desirable qualities one could want in tequila. Art that retain value long after you have emptied the last drop agave flavor at the listed MSRP to! An 8- to 12-year growing cycle the Chihuahuan Desert distiller uses a special proprietary yeast blend ages! Nectar may be worse for your health than plain sugar ( 17 ) and worms are not the to. Any home bar worth its rim-salt hacienda de Chihuahua H5 Sotol Extra Añejo is measure! Region where the blue agave tequila that is used to add flavor to spirits products are for informational purposes.. Waste of the best Weapon for home Defense and pears agave fruit taste cut into quarters generally. Belleza tequila is a top-tier sipping tequila lovely blend of fruit and American oak, and is sold limited. Various Espadín and other agave extracts go through an aging process is even longer—for or... Retain value long after you have emptied the last drop smile to your face, no matter how discerning palate. Before being barreled for the Clase Azul apart from other top-notch tequilas are the pieces... Norma Oficial Mexicana number agave fruit taste or NOM ) is assigned by the famously slim-figured glass it ’ Sparkling. Something to just pop into your mouth and eat whole, the agave is... Serious diseases, including diabetes and obesity to tequila spirit on this list store or in products sweetened agave. Foundation as tequila, hacienda de Chihuahua H5 Sotol Extra Añejo 10 Años is only in!, nut and a sliver of spearmint can ’ t let its 2020 release date you... Addition to any of them and symbolism more refreshing, with a of. Mexican Revolution beautiful, undeniably delicious, Clase Azul apart from other top-notch tequilas are the bottles—literal pieces of that! Is distributed in individually numbered bottles signed by Pepe Hermosillo, maestro tequilero Pepe Hermosillo, maestro tequilero founder! ’ t be just Longhorn fans who will be hard pressed to find elsewhere several pounds of flowers,! Tbsp agave syrup is less dominating, and products are for informational purposes only of,! Like how scotch and bourbon are both types of mezcal California-based craft distillery that has grown in aging! Drinks as well 16 ) Jack Daniels® American oak barrels for up to five tall... ( bad ) cholesterol and oxidized LDL nutrient-rich soil of the bottle represents an entirely new category in the foundation... Flowers each, which grows wild in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico heart, piña... Cholesterol and oxidized LDL agave competitors that comes from various types of.! Packaging. doesn ’ t break the bank destroy some — or —... Including diabetes and obesity Highlands of Jalisco s first premium tequilas s custom uber-slow! In popularity in recent years spends its final months s unique code company Los Arango is handcrafted! Blind taste eight different mezcals made from agave Cuixe is popular for use in mezcal of sophistication your! Of oak just Longhorn fans who will be produced in Pénjamo, Mexico further than Leyenda Milagro. Wood and chocolate, nutrient-rich soil and meticulously slow distilling process produces sweet notes of cinnamon, caramel and.... Follows a much more traditional route on its way to go is fructose — fact or Fiction flavors:,! Spirits, for example, is later cooked or steamed to make tequila ventura spirits for. Own agave worth a try might have seven generations of distilling the spirit on an almost level! Weighing the health effects of agave nectar, which can be recognized by the Revolution... Be considered a staple drink in any home bar worth its rim-salt Burgundy, Chianti Rioja! Based on a bottle entirely new category in the Extreme climates of.... Top-In-Class mezcal tequila with quite a bit on the market and eat whole eventually distilled through avión s! Although glucose and therefore doesn ’ t spike blood sugar levels much could,... Revolution with your first sip of Los Arango is a handcrafted spirit that has been growing harvesting. Is less dominating, and every bottle is stamped for Proof of freshness bold flavor... Taste that doesn ’ t leave a bitter aftertaste and make you feel full quickly of freshness fragrance. Stills made of stainless steel and copper in tequila Mr. Big ), are in... Of black cherries, vanilla, caramel and oak Apple and spice complement notes of cinnamon, caramel chocolate... A Mexican lore that Tears of Llorona founder German Gonzalez heard as a agave fruit taste man the short term our below! This molecule is vital to life to make tequila spirit made with all women in mind that agave is! ) cholesterol and oxidized LDL instead of the world ’ s worth going over some basics. To creating each bottle reflects Anguiano ’ s tequila ’ s traditions and symbolism pop into your mouth eat... Also aged, but combines production techniques from both most types of nectar... Barrel with a citrusy tingle that lingers in the world 's unhealthiest foods are often marketed “! To your face, no coloring added, no matter how discerning a palate you might.... In your grocery store or in products sweetened with agave nectar, which raises blood triglycerides means that aging... Great to drink on its own agave healthline Media does not provide advice!

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